“Art to Soothe” & Open House Tomorrow

Here’s a friendly reminder that Soothe Spa is having its First Anniversary Downtown Open House Wednesday, October 1st from 4pm – 9pm – it’s the best opportunity to view my exhibition “Art to Soothe“, so if you’re in St. John’s, I hope you can make it (155 Queens Rd., but the entrance is on Bates Hill).  October 1st will also be the launch of their new website with a full menu of their services.

There will be refreshments and 2 short sets of live music by Hannah Banana at 6pm and 6:30pm (her first EP will be released before the holidays) .  I will say a few words after each set.  So come mingle and enjoy the space and the art.  I’ll be there the whole time and you can also meet some of the spa staff: Gloria (Director of Soothe, whose birthday it will be), estheticians: Yvette, Miranda, Amelia, Cheryl, and receptionist Laura-Lee.

You can always drop into the spa on other days until Christmas, but if the treatment rooms are busy, you might miss seeing some of the 30 paintings on display and for sale there.  You can also see all I have available online by clicking here.

Here are a few shots I took when I went back and hung my latest 5 paintings.  After 2 months of extreme-painting marathons (and bliss), I’m now taking a break from the studio to get ready for my French cross-province workshop series – I leave St. John’s on the 8th and will be on the road / in the air for 10 days.

Art To Soothe Poster small2

The Painted Drums Series

I couldn’t show you pictures of these drums before my project partner saw them live, so now that I’m done and she’s seen them, you get the full show & tell! Please comment below to let us know which you prefer and why.

Katie Power of Alive Adventures asked me earlier this summer if I would be interested in painting drums that she could sell to her clientele. She’s an inspired and inspiring woman who is really making a difference in our community.  She’s also been a fan of my work for a few years.  As this project brought two of my loves together – painting and drumming  – I didn’t hesitate to say “Yes!”  Drum circles, both of the community and shamanic kind, were an integral part of my life during the five years I lived in Saskatoon.  When I moved to St. John’s in 2011, I was thrilled to learn of Katie’s work and am now happy to be collaborating with her. I trust that these five unique hand-painted drums will enrich the drumming experience of those who choose them as well as enhance the beauty of their environment.  If you’re interested in them, contact Katie.

My process started in ceremony – to prepare both the drums and myself for the creative experience. Each drum was blessed by the elements: earth (from this energy-rich Rock called Newfoundland), wind (sacred palo santo smoke from Peru and the strong breeze blowing through our valley), fire (from a pure beeswax candle), and water (from the sacred Chalice Well in Glastonbury, England).  I asked God, my Guiding Spirits, and Angels of Light and Love to help me create imagery that will speak on many levels to those who experience it. I then played each drum to familiarize myself with their voices (I am thoroughly impressed by these synthetic drumheads which, unlike real skins, won’t react to our local humidity).  I also did lots of research and used the very best professional quality acrylic paints to adhere to the Remo Buffalo Fiberskyn® drumheads.  Although these Golden fluid paints are known for their flexibility, durability, and lightfastness, it is important to note that all hand-painted drums will eventually show signs of wear (if using hands instead of the mallet, please remove rings).  I worked in several thin layers, requiring 15-20 hours of work on each drum. Basically, a lot of love, care, and intention has been infused into these drums and will accompany them on their journeys.
Note: The Remo Buffalo drums themselves have been inspired by the indigenous cultures of the Americas. These are all 22 inches in diameter and come with a covered rope handle and mallet.  These one-of-a-kind hand-painted drums are selling through Katie at Alive Adventures for $595 + tax.
Without further ado, here they are…
1.  The Communion Drum:
Dominique Hurley_Communion Drum

The Communion Drum by Dominique Hurley

This drum is infused with the spirit of communion: between the self and Higher Self, between the conscious and subconscious, between Humanity and Nature, between yourself and your Creator –  between all that is in Oneness.  This is represented in the faces gazing at each other and in the spiraling flow of their hair uniting them.  This drum is also about balance, represented here in the roots and branches of the tree of life and in the double spiral repeated three times- both Celtic symbol of balance.  I used a little metallic gold paint so that the drum would catch the light within you and your surroundings, no matter what the lighting conditions are.

2.  The Astral Drum: SOLD

Dominique Hurley_Astral Drum

The Astral Drum by Dominique Hurley – SOLD

The woman on this drum has again been stylized in a manner that represents humans as both physical and energetic / spiritual presences.  She is standing on the crescent moon, a symbol of new beginnings and the transformation of dreams into reality. The moon itself is a symbol of the deep, intuitive, subtle, and feminine energies in our lives.  Reaching up in exaltation, her heart-shaped hands are framed by the sun, a cosmic power representing vitality, clarity, action, and resonating with masculine energy.  This drum is about the inner and outer influences in our lives – whether these be spiritual, planetary, or environmental.  The orbs represent both the planetary movement and its influence on our lives and the presence of seen and unseen helpers on our life’s journey.  It is also about our own personal commitment to love, growth, and making the choices that are right for us.  The many light-filled spirals represent evolution, personal growth, surrender, letting go, awareness of the whole, union with cosmic energies, and natural progress.  Again, the use of both metallic and interference paints gives this drum different appearances at different angles and in different lighting conditions.

3.  The Destiny Drum: SOLD

Dominique Hurley_Destiny Drum

The Destiny Drum by Dominique Hurley – SOLD

The horse is an ancient symbol with a multitude of meanings in various cultures.  I have chosen to paint it on this Destiny Drum because it is an emblem of life-force and the four elements.  It is also a symbol of power, grace, beauty, nobility, strength, longevity, and wisdom – all necessary in the co-creation of our destinies.  While I was painting this drum, I felt deeply attuned with certain aspects of my Fire Horse energies (in Chinese astrology, that of those born between January 21, 1966 and February 8, 1967 or January 25, 1906 and February 12 1907). Much is said about this sign – both with great enthusiasm and dire warning.  Painting this drum called me to read about the Fire Horse again and to reflect on how we are all predisposed to certain destinies by the circumstances of our birth, but that with awareness and Guidance, destiny is really a co-creation, not inevitable fact.  Indeed, our destiny is shaped by vision and choice and enhanced by being in tune with both our strengths and our weaknesses. It is also best shaped by loving what is and moving from that space. In other words, we may be influenced by intricate underlying factors (represented here by 8 hours worth of zentangle patterns in white on turquoise that I glazed in magenta), but there’s more to it than that.  I have represented this here with the phoenix, a mythical bird that sets itself on fire and re-creates itself from the ashes.  It is a symbol of life, rebirth, renewal, power, transformation, clarity, strength, and creativity.  Both the horse and the phoenix face the future, inviting you to embrace their energies within you.

4.  The Vision Drum: SOLD

Dominique Hurley_Vision Drum

The Vision Drum by Dominique Hurley – SOLD

This drum also has a very rich deep voice that is sure to ground those that play/hear it.  Being grounded, I find, is a necessary factor in connecting us to both our True Selves and to an overall vision for our lives.  This is what this drum is all about.  The hawk, one of my childhood totem animals, was often sent off on its winged missions to fly above the myriad of details (represented here by 6 hours of zentangle patterns in the background) to see the bigger picture.  Indeed, we often are so caught up with our noses stuck in what’s right in front of us that we can’t see the beauty of the tapestry we are weaving with our lives.  It’s all about the forest for the trees.  It’s all about that deep inner knowing that all we are and all we do is leading us down the path to something we currently can’t see.  This drum’s imagery calls us to both love the mystery and connect to a higher vision.  It’s about faith, trust, and listening for that hawk’s cry as its clarity of vision leads and reassures us.  This drum is also about being like the tree – solidly rooted and reaching for the heavens, perfect in who and what we are as we naturally and inevitably grow on our path to our Highest Good.

5. The Gratitude Drum: SOLD

Dominique Hurley_Gratitude Drum

The Gratitude Drum by Dominique Hurley  – SOLD

The woman dancing in bliss on this drum is facing the Heavens in gratitude for all forms of abundance in her life.  The spirit of appreciation that courses through both her physical and energy bodies (represented in my stylization of the figure) in turn attracts a continued shower of love and blessings from the Universe. These orbs of light also represent Divine presence – be it angels, universal energy, the Holy Spirit, etc. Through the yin yang symbol, this drum is also about the interconnectedness and interdependence of all things. Indeed, it is about the complementary forces within the Wholeness of our Selves and the world we live in.  It is also about opening up to both giving and receiving.  As such, this imagery is about the perfect harmonic balance of all that is.  The use of both metallic and interference paints gives this drum different appearances at different angles and in different lighting conditions.  It has a very deep rich voice, aligned with deep gratitude.

For now, only 5 drums have been painted.  I cannot say if / when others will be created. If you are interested in one of these drums, please don’t hesitate and contact Katie at Alive Adventures.  They are $595 + tax each.

Here’s a note from Katie:

Alive Inspired Drums…
The first time I ever experienced a Native Frame Drum was when I was at my first evening of Community Drum Circle Facilitation Course in Calgary with my teacher Judy Atkinson and she came around to welcome each of us who had arrived to become certified in connecting and inspiring community through drumming. As she walked around the room beating the drum I felt a deep connection, the sound of the drum was penetrating and powerful, as she came close to me and my heart I felt a warm energy and a ray of sunshine enter my soul. I left that weekend with a hand painted frame drum to bring this beautiful energy to Newfoundland.
I was inspired this past year to want to bring these beautifully painted inspiring and powerful drums to people who have been wanting them at our drum circles and other events. I knew Dominique was the perfect artist to express Aliveness and pure inspiration as her work has always brought this out for me.
We are so excited to share these drums with you and look forward to meeting the new owners of these originally painted and blessed drums.
These drums can be used for healing purposes, teaching, recreational use at drum circles or music circles, or even on display in your home spreading energy and light. “
Please feel free to comment below to let us know which one you like best and why.
Art To Soothe Poster small2And just because this blog post wasn’t long enough (hee hee), here’s a reminder about Wednesday’s Open House at Soothe Spa, where you can see 30 of my paintings on display and for sale. Hope to see you there.

Photo Break – Petty Harbour

Dominique Hurley_Petty Harbour_DLH_8151

Once again, am I ever glad I said yes.  I was fully absorbed in another painting marathon day recently when the phone rang and a friend invited me to drive out with her to Petty Harbour.  She wanted to see if she could find fresh fish.  I decided to take advantage of the warm sunshine and this ride out to one of the most scenic little villages near St. John’s.  It’s close to Cape Spear, the most easterly point of North America.  It may be small, but I’ve always come home from there snap happy.  Thanks Eva – for the ride, the company, and the soft serve ice cream! What a refreshing 1.5 hours!

Playing With Textures – 5 New Pieces

Art To Soothe Poster small2Yes, I’ve been accused of being a little obsessive with my projects…  I have a new and very interesting one to tell you about in a few days, but when I realized that there were still a few blank walls at Soothe Spa for my exhibition “Art To Soothe”, I embarked on another painting marathon to create these five new pieces before the Open House.  What bliss!  For these, I delved back into my love of textures, using various gels and mediums to create the desired feel or shimmer, according to what each piece was calling for.

You can see these and most of the paintings I have for sale at the upcoming Open House at Soothe Spa in downtown St. John’s.  It’s on Wednesday, October 1st from 4-9pm.  Please tell your friends.   You can read an earlier post about the Open House (with photos of my set-up) or go to my Flickr Album to see everything I have for sale.

Here are my new pieces:

1. “The Colours of My Soul” - 24″ x 36″ – $1,350 +hst (acrylics, granular gel, mica, blue topaz on gallery-wrapped canvas. No framing necessary.)  I’ve mentioned it before – I love trees and see so many parallels and links between trees and humans. The mica on this colourful piece infuses it and its environment with love & compassion.  Blue topaz is all about the relationship with our Creator, relationships in general – and helps with soothing/calming, the throat chakra, the rising of our vibratory rate, truth, honesty, openness, and forgiveness.  It also helps you discover your own inner riches.  Does it speak to you?

2.  “Silver Thaw” – 18″ x 24″ – $575 + hst (acrylics & glass beads on gallery-wrapped canvas. No framing necessary.)  The glass beads on this piece infuses it with light; when you walk by it, it shimmers and changes – reflecting inner and outer moods. “Silver thaw” is another expression for “silver frost” or “glitter ice” – that thick shiny ice that covers each blade of grass and twig if the weather is just right for it.  Imagine this one on a coloured wall.

3.  “When Dragons Sigh” – 12″ x 36″ – $775 + hst (acrylics & tar gel on gallery-wrapped canvas. No framing required.).  I stopped counting the layers on this one. Just as I thought the next layer would finish it, I felt inspired to try something new.  Are the first layers totally hidden?  I doubt it – all that has gone into it has had its effect on what you see now. On a less philosophical note, I’m very glad I always check Google after I am inspired to name my paintings.  My original idea was to call this “Dragon’s breath”, but when I looked it up, I was shocked to find out that it had many awful definitions in the urban dictionary, the mildest being “To have breath that of which smells as if one has licked the butthole of a dead skunk for several hundred years.”… the others can’t be repeated here…  As I said, I’m glad I checked.  “When Dragons Sigh” is more poetic anyway…

4.  “I See You” – 24″ x 36″ – $1,350 +hst (acrylics, pumice, blue topaz on gallery-wrapped canvas – does not require framing).  I watched “Avatar” again last week with a couple of friends and was as moved by the beauty as I was the first time.  More so, however, I was moved again by the characters’ greeting “I see you” and so was my housemate, who recommended this name for this painting.  “I see you” represents being seen, accepted, and loved – as above so below – through the depths, textures, colours and fruit of our very beingness.  It’s about connection to Self and all that is.  On a technical note, I’m so grateful for de-humidifiers as this would have taken weeks to dry otherwise, its’ so thick.  The blue topaz on this piece are very subtle and can only be seen in certain lights and at certain angles, but they certainly affect the energy of the piece (see #1 above for their metaphysical properties).  The pumice helps us rise above our challenges by giving us the insights necessary to move forward.

5.  “Time of Transitions” – 15″ x 30″ – $675 (acrylics & tar gel on gallery-wrapped canvas. No framing necessary).  This is one I started a while back, but was waiting for it to let me know what it wanted to become.  Here, I’m showing you the the before (several layers of acrylics) and the after (with tar gel and more layers of acrylics).  You can really see how earlier layers influence the final piece – creating depth, texture, and intrigue.  This is a time of accelerated growth and change – not only in nature, but in humanity’s consciousness – the name refers to both.

To see all my paintings currently for sale, click here.  Payment plans may be available.  If you’re interested, please contact me.


Nature Break – Photo Walk in Chapel’s Cove

Dominique Hurley_Chapels Cove_DLH_7729I can’t believe I almost said no.  Glad I didn’t though.  You see, it’s often challenging for me to transition from one state to another, especially when I’m focused on a project.  It’s rare, however, that that I’m not absolutely thrilled to get out of the house and into nature. What a blessing I did this week – especially since I haven’t done this kind of thing as much this summer as I’m used to.  Sure, I’ve walked through Bowring Park and downtown, where I stopped at The Rooms to look at the view of the harbour on one day and went to sit on the dock another to watch a cruise ship leave St. John’s. But without a car, I haven’t headed out of town very often since I returned in July.

Truth be told, with so many fulfilling projects in my painting studio, I’m definitely going through a hermit phase. Since I started painting full time, I’d say I average a 60-hour work week. I’m often in the studio by 6am and stay there until 10pm.  What can I say. Time flies when you’re having fun.  If you haven’t seen what I’ve created already, you can see all my current paintings by clicking here. Oh, and if you’re in St. John’s, the Open House for my exhibition at Soothe Spa is now from 4-9pm on Wednesday, October 1st – an extra 2 hours to enjoy the art and celebrate the spa’s first anniversary downtown.

Dominique Hurley_Chapels Cove_DLH_7522 copyAnyhow, I’m so glad I said yes to a ride out of town this week.  My housemate and her sister were going blueberry picking and asked if I wanted to come along.  Winters can be very long in Newfoundland, so the mild sunny weather alone could have been enough to get me up and out the door.  The thought of walking by water with my camera & tripod, however, were what really pulled me out the door.

Dominique Hurley_Chapels Cove_DLH_7472While the sisters reveled at the abundance of blueberries on a burnt-out wooded hill by the ocean in the Town of Harbour Main, Chapel’s Cove & Lakeview (about 30 minutes out of St. John’s), I walked along the road from the ocean and past a series of ponds (lakes, really) all the way back to the main road.  Although I had more than one lens, I shot everything with my 70-300mm. What beauty! And what a great picnic too- Orinda had baked ciabatta bread that I had lathered in pesto and filled with roast chicken and organic romaine lettuce! I also had one of her famous spelt bran, wheat germ, flax seeds & blueberry muffins with me … just in case.

Dominique Hurley_Chapels Cove_IMG_8276Dominique Hurley_Chapels Cove_DLH_8005When I got to the main highway 5.5 hours later, it was getting dark.  I sat on a unique bench at the end of someone’s driveway for an hour, listening to the sounds of nature and neighbouring households, but then thought it best to knock on a door to ask to use the phone to see what the girls were up to.  By the time they came to pick me up, we all had lots of stories to share.  Thanks Charmaine & Orinda and thanks to the folks of Harbour Main, Chapel’s Cove & Lakeview! I invite you to experience this beautiful part of the world through my eyes.


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It’s amazing how one thing leads to another.  For months I had been procrastinating the technological task of creating a new e-mailing list using Mail Chimp, but with my first exhibition in NL since my return to Canada and last night’s presentation at MoMondays, this simply had to be done.

Although I emailed everyone on my list of over 600 before the Canadian July 1st anti-spam law deadline to ask them if they wanted to continue receiving emails, I found out 2 days too late that this wasn’t done according to regulations.  I basically needed everyone to sign in to MailChimp manually, receive an email from them, and then click to confirm their subscription. So – I am no longer allowed to contact anyone on the list I had built up over the years to promote any commercial activities.  Time for a fresh start! 

As of this moment, there is no one on my mailing list.  Also, with Facebook’s algorithm changes for business Pages, only a small fraction of those following me actually see my posts.  I’d have to pay to boost them.  Joining my email list, therefore, is the best way to receive occasional newsletters with invitations, events, sales, and other important news.  These do not replace the frequent blog or Facebook posts.  I can also customize send-outs per region for local events.

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Dominique Hurley Art & Inspiration Quote Series

“Art To Soothe” – Open House October 1st

Art To Soothe Poster small2

This is very exciting!  Thanks to Gloria Williams (the owner of Soothe Spa) my new exhibition, “Art To Soothe” is up and running – 30 paintings on 3 levels. I will be adding to the show as pieces sell and as I create them.  Pieces will be on display and available for sale at least until Christmas.  Payment plans are available.

Mark your calendars! Gloria is planning an Open House on Wednesday, October 1st from 4pm to 9pm.  This will mark their first anniversary in their downtown location (as well as Gloria’s birthday!).  Come have a piece of cake and enjoy the art – perhaps even start on your holiday shopping.  E-transfers, cash or cheques only for the art please. If you’re interested in a payment plan, feel free to contact me.  Also, please share the news as I lost my entire mailing list with Canada’s new anti-spam laws … my mistake (to sign up for my new mailing list, click here).

Here’s a glimpse of the show. It’s not like seeing the work or space in person, but it will give you out-of-towners a good idea. It’s a really great space – 4 rooms that can accommodate private treatments or group parties.  I’ve mixed those photos in with better pictures of the art – hover over these and you’ll see the size & prices.

I also have full sets of Spirit Calling Cards on sale there.

painting deck shot

photo deck shot

On any day they are open, feel free to walk in – if the rooms are unoccupied, they’ll show you around. You could always treat yourself and make an appointment- here’s a list of what they’re offering. I’m including it here as their website is under construction.

1378506_529636797127906_1551168819_nSOOTHE SPA SERVICES

Open Tuesdays – Saturdays. By appointment only Sundays. Closed Mondays.
Soothe Reception: 709-579-1682

Choose among private rooms that accommodate individuals, couples / friends and groups of up to five people for your luxurious spa services.

Soothe Massage
Relaxing Aromatherapy Massage, 30 mins $45
Relaxing Aromatherapy Massage, 1 hour $80
Hot Stone Massage, 1 hour $80
Lava Shell Massage, 1 hour $90

Localized Body Treatment
Sea Mud Back Therapy, (Detoxing & Exfoilating) 45 mins $65
Hydrating Back Therapy, (Ultra Soothing & Hydrating) 45 mins $65
Full Body Dermalogica Exfoliation Scrub, 45 mins $70
Deluxe Body Wrap – Includes Spa Mineral Foot Bath, Body Exfoliation & Chocolate or Seaweed Body Wrap, 90 mins – $125.

Soothe Face Treatments
Dermalogica Essential Facial. 30 mins. $45
Ossetra Express Facial 15 mins $25
Dermalogica Relaxation Facial. (facial & massage combo) 60 mins. $80
Advanced Skin Care Treatment 90 mins $90

all advanced skin care facials are customized with Dermalogica skin analysis and include hot mineral foot bath and neck & shouder massage with stress relief oils:

Age-Smart Facial
Pigmentation and Brightening
Rosacea and Sensitized Skin Treatment
Sensitivity Control Treament
Medicated Acne Treatment

Soothe Feet:
Happy Feet
We tame your cuticles, buff and massage your feet and lower legs. This “treat for the feet” includes thorough callous work, a unique exfoliation using mineral salts and aromatherapy oils and we finish with a cream massage. If you desire a polish application, choose from 150 beautiful Zoya colours! Zoya is non-toxic and as such is free of toluene, formaldehyde, DBP (phthalates) and camphor. It’s been awarded as the longest wearing natural nail polish by an independent panel in Women’s Health Magazine and it’s vegan. Yes, included in the pedicure price.
1 hr $56.

Happiest Feet in St. John’s
Happy Feet and much more! This decadent pedicure includes double exfoliation, your choice of intensive moisture masque or paraffin treatment with heat, plus a neck and shoulder massage with Dermalogica Stress Relief Oil.
1.5 hrs $72

Entity (Shellac) Pedicure Includes everything in your Happy Feet Pedicure, plus Entity. This polish is cured under a special lamp to create a durable product that will last approximately three weeks. 75 mins. $66.50

Soothe Hands:
Healthy Hands Manicure 45 mins $36
We file and buff your nails and tame and oil your cuticles. A lovely lotion and hand massage is followed up with Zoya non-toxic polish (formaldehyde free, campour free and tourlene free) with 150 beautiful colors to choose from!

Soothe Spa Manicure. 1 hour $46
Everything above plus exfoliation and a luxurious masque and heated mittens to soften.

Entity (Shellac) Manicure $46.50
Basic Manicure plus Entity polish, cured under a lamp offering a longer life span.

Add to Manicure or Pedicure
French polish
10 minutes $8

Parrafin Treatment
15 minutes $12

Nail Art $8+
Our nail art is free hand. We do not use stickers, stencils or pre-fab kits. Our nail techs are artists.

Bio Sculpture Gel Overlay
This is the only gel world-wide that has been approved by Health Canada as non-toxic and is available at Soothe. It is a chip proof nail gel that usually lasts up to three weeks. Gel Overlay Fingers $55, Full Set of Tips $66, Gel Overlay Toes $70.

We also offer a full range of waxing services, lash & brow tintings, eyelash extentions, make-up applications and lessons, we taylor all spa services for juniors (for example teen cleansing (acne) facial,) and offer fantastic sports pedicures for men.

Service prices do not include gratuity and HST

Our retail offerings include Dermalogica, Ossetra, Esskin, Gabriel, Zoya, Gehwol, HalfMoon, OPI, Cherry Blooms, and much more!

So mark your calendars for the
OCTOBER 1ST, 4-9pm
155 Queens Rd. St. John’s (Entrance on Bate’s Hill)

Featuring “Art to Soothe” by Dominique Hurley

www.Dominique Hurley.com

Please sign up for my mailing list by clicking here.